June 17th, 2013

Strawberry Lemonade Poke Cake


Isn’t it funny how old things become new again.  I remember making poke cakes many years ago {how fun to poke holes in your cake and fill it with Jell-O}; that cold fresh cake with a shot of Jell-O was always a favorite.  Now, once again, poke cakes are everywhere and I’ve seen so many yummy variations.  You can use any cake mix with any flavor of Jell-O for an incredible moist and delicious dessert.  Your kids will love helping with this one – let them create their own fun mixture!

Since we are now into the summer months, I decided it was time to create  a yummy poke cake version reminiscent of a classic summer favorite, Strawberry Lemonade.  To get that signature fresh flavor, I “freshened up” a lemon cake mix and infused it with a “strawberry lemonade” Jell-O mix.  To top it all off, I added fresh strawberry puree to whipped cream for more fresh strawberry taste.  Serve chilled for a delicious bite of summer strawberry lemonade flavor.  Grab a straw fork and enjoy!




Strawberry Lemonade Poke Cake


Strawberry Lemonade Cake

1 boxed lemon cake mix  (plus eggs and oil according to package directions)

1 1/2 – 2 cups chilled lemonade (I use frozen with a couple of fresh lemons squeezed in)

1 (3 oz) package strawberry Jell-O

1 cup boiling water

Strawberry Cream Frosting

2 cups heavy whipping cream

2/3 cup powdered sugar

1 cup sliced fresh strawberries, pureed in blender


Make the cake as directed on the box substituting an equal amount of  lemonade for water.   Bake in a 9×13 pan.

Let the cake cool for 20 minutes and then poke the cake with a large fork about 1/2″ apart, covering the entire surface.

Mix the strawberry jello with 1 cup boiling water until completely dissolved.  Add 1/2 cup cold lemonade and mix well.  Pour the jello mix slowly over the cake allowing the Jell-O to fill in the “pokes” in the cake.



Cover and refrigerate for 3-4 hours to allow jello to set.

To make the Strawberry Cream Frosting, whip the cream with powdered sugar until soft peaks form.  Gradually add strawberry puree and continue to whip until stiff.  Spread the cream over cake.  Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.




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11 Responses to “Strawberry Lemonade Poke Cake”

  1. We love poke cake I like the idea of the lemon cake, it sounds so good! Thanks!

  2. This looks so good. Can’t wait to try it!

  3. Yum. I need to make this!

  4. Oh my goodness this looks delicious! 🙂 Yum! I love strawberry lemonade. 🙂 I pinned this and hope to try it soon.

    I found you at the Tip Me Tuesday party 🙂

  5. I’ve never tried a poke cake before, but I love the way the colors swirl together! I could definitely use a hint of summer in my life right now (it’s going to snow again in a few days).

  6. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca – This cake with get you in the mood for Spring for sure!!

  7. I am going to making this for my birthday

  8. Thanks Elaine and Happy Birthday!

  9. What about using a white cake instead of yellow?

  10. White works too!

  11. This looks very yummy, gonna make it for a friends birthday


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