February 16th, 2012

Printable St. Patrick’s Day Tags !

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So if you have ever read a holiday post from me before you might remember that my kids tell time by holidays and birthdays.  Now that Valentine’s Day is over my kids are looking for little green leprechauns to be running through the house.  Yes, I know that St. Patrick’s Day is still a month away, but at my house there are no breaks in between holidays.  As soon as one is over we are on to the next.  I can’t miss anything and we have to discuss and plan each holiday with care.

Here is a fabulous and simple idea to help celebrate.  I do not buy sugar cereal for my kids.  It is a special treat that rarely happens.  I just don’t like the idea of filling them with sugar and then sending them to school knowing that they are not going to stay full long and be on a sugar high.  {Just my personal soapbox.  Thanks for listening.}

So, to get a box of Lucky Charms is really exciting to my kids.  I love finding ways to celebrate every holiday that doesn’t always involve hours and hours of labor {always a labor of love, of course ;)}.    Of course, you don’t just have to give Lucky Charms to kids; it can be for any of the Lucky Charms in your life.

We’ve also made toppers for snack-sized zip locks—


and a smaller tag for whatever– can use the mini boxes of lucky charms for party favors , etc.




Download the YOU ARE MY LUCKY CHARM tags here 



Download the YOU ARE MY LUCKY CHARM Snackbag Topper here



{Rainbow Graphic from Sumertime Designs . . . visit her blog here}

You May also love our Lucky Lunch Box Collection here

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13 Responses to “Printable St. Patrick’s Day Tags !”

  1. cute ideas

  2. I cannot download this…it keeps saying that your limit has been reached and try again. I have about 30 times yesterday and today. Could you possibly email this to me?? Thanks I love it!!

  3. No problem- files have been sent to your email! Thanks for following Caramel Potatoes!

  4. I can’t download the snackbag toppers…can you please send them to me? Thanks – they’re perfect!

  5. Is it possible for you to email me the YOU ARE MY LUCKY CHARM Snackbag Topper? These are perfect for my daughters class.

    Thank you,

  6. Hello! I love, your website and can’t wait to do the donut holes for Easter for my kiddos….but I can’t seem to download the snackbag toppers or the tags for the St. Patrick’s Day….Would love it if you would email it to me…Thank you so much!

  7. Could you please email these to me? For some reason I can’t download them! How cute! Thanks so very much!

  8. Hi! I love your toppers and Charm tag. I can’t seem to download them… would you be able to email them to me! Thanks so much! Love your site!!!

  9. So sorry about the download troubles – if any others are having problems just leave a comment here or email at caramelpotates@gmail.com and we will get them to you! 😉

  10. Please send me the snack bag topper. didnt have luck with download either. thanks

  11. Caramel Potatoes » Printable St. Patrick’s Day Tags ! is a fantastic blog post. I liked reading this. If you want, please visit my website.

  12. Caramel Potatoes » Printable St. Patrick’s Day Tags ! was saved as a favorite :), I really like your blog!

  13. Greetings! Love your blog, so many great ideas and recipes. Was hoping you could send me the You are my Lucky Charm tag file, as I am unable to download it? My niece has a St Patrick’s Day birthday and wants to share some Lucky Charms with her Preschool class. Thank you!


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