September 16th, 2011

Kitchen Talk: Onion Goggles


Let me introduce you to my absolute top kitchen favorite – one thing I can’t live without.  If you’re like me when it comes to cutting onions, I’m about to introduce you to your new best friend. 

Cutting onions for me is like exploding teargas in my kitchen.  As soon as I make that first cut the stinging starts, the tears begin to flow, and the more I chop, the more I cry.  If the onion is strong my eyes will hurt  for hours after.  But what to do – I love cooking with onions!  I admit I’ve tried every cure-all out there:  cutting from the root, cutting under running water, lighting a candle nearby, and yes even hanging a piece of bread out of my mouth!  Nothing ever worked for me – until I found these Onion Goggles!

RSVP International Onion Goggles, Black

While visiting my sister in Bellevue Washington I stumbled upon this treasure at the Whole Foods Market – pretty funny looking {my family still laughs at me and asks what time the racquet ball court is scheduled}- but let them laugh- my eyes are tear free!  {Don’t you love it when something really works?}   And no this isn’t a paid endorsement {wouldn’t that be nice}.  I don’t even know where to tell you to buy them other than in Bellevue.  I haven’t found them at the Whole Foods here in Texas or seen them anywhere here, but no worries,  thanks to the internet you can have them shipped straight to your door.  Plus there are lots more choices on line – new colors and styles!  (Be sure to leave us all a comment if you’ve seen them around).

If onions don’t bother you – count your blessings.  If they do you’ll love these goggles!  Or hey, if you do have some racquet ball goggles around maybe that will work too?  Let me know.

 Check out these cute colors – I’m sure  they’ll look great on you!  : )



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3 Responses to “Kitchen Talk: Onion Goggles”

  1. Okay…seriously?!? Where have these babies been all my life? I’m in love! Must get me some pronto! Found you on Centsational Girl…hope you stop by my blog too 🙂


  2. I just came over from “Centsational Girl” and had to add a comment. I finally bought these for myself after several failed attempts at getting these as a gift. BEST MONEY EVER SPENT! Your comment about teargas is right on! Tears, runny nose, pain! No more! I love them and wear them until the onions are cooked down. Anyways, looking forward to browsing your blog. Have a great week!

  3. May my eyes never cry again (at least in the kitchen!:) thanks for the tip!!


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