Welcome!  Caramel Potatoes represents our favorite family recipes.  We are a mother and daughter living miles apart (Dallas/Denver) who love to cook and share our recipes with each other on a weekly { if not daily } basis.

We come from a long line of wonderful cooks.  Kyra (mom in Dallas) started collecting recipes in high school and has compiled a huge notebook full of “recipes to try”.  Jocelyn (daughter in Denver) inherited the habit; and so every time we get together we pull out our notebooks and cook something new!

We believe cooking should taste delicious and be fun!  And just for the record, we also think recipes are made to be broken!  If you don’t like something – change it; substitute it; or just leave it out!  You can also add any thing your imagination dreams up!  So trust your taste instincts and make something delicious!  We hope you’ll find a lot of inspiration on caramelpotatoes.com!!


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Caramel Potatoes

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