May 23rd, 2013

35 Summer Party Recipes {plus} iPod Shuffle Giveaway!

It’s almost Memorial Day Weekend- the kick-off to summer,  and that means Food, Family, Friends, and Fun!

Here a few of our favorite appetizers and snacks to get your party started.  Wherever you are headed, good food and good music are always a must.  To sweeten your summer we are giving away an Apple iPod Shuffle.  Now you can always have your favorite recipes here on Caramel Potatoes and your favorite tunes at hand!!

Summer Appetizers and Drinks



iPod Shuffle Giveaway

This giveaway is for an Apple iPod Shuffle 4th Generation 2GB {Silver}.  Includes earphones and USB cable.

How to Enter:

1.  Leave a comment below and tell us one of your playlist favorites

For an additional entry:

2.  Like Caramel Potatoes on Facebook and leave a separate comment telling us so.

3.  Follow Caramel Potatoes on Pinterest and leave a separate comment telling us so.

4.  Follow Caramel Potatoes on Twitter and leave a separate comment telling us so.

5.  Share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and leave a separate comment telling us so.

Fine Print

Giveaway ends Sunday, June 2. 2013 at 10 pm CST

Must have a US or Canada Shipping address to win


Good Luck and have a great summer!


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368 Responses to “35 Summer Party Recipes {plus} iPod Shuffle Giveaway!”

  1. I really like anything by Maroon 5 – it’s all good!

  2. I shared your link on Facebook. 🙂

  3. One of my favorites would have to be some Michael Jackson!

  4. I liked you on Facebook too!

  5. I like you on Facebook.

  6. I follow you on Pinterest.

  7. Journey.

  8. Counting Stars by One Republic

  9. Liking you on Facebook

  10. u2 streets have no name

  11. I really like Pit Bull

  12. Like Caramel Potatos on FB
    Piper Bear

  13. Follow you on Twitter @pip444

  14. Miranda Lambert’s Mama’s Broken Heart

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  15. Rhianon by Fleetwood Mac is my favorite in my playlist

  16. Following you on Pinterest

  17. Following you on twitter @Myw1ldcrazylife

  18. Needtobreathe is one of my favorites!

  19. Just “liked” you on Facebook!

  20. Just followed you on pinterest!

  21. Just shared on Facebook too!

  22. I love Taylor Swift and mostly country music

  23. Pinterest follower (rickpeggysmith)

  24. Billy Joel

  25. I am following you on Twitter as njhhb.

  26. I love Toby Keith and county!

  27. I like fun.

  28. Josh Groban is my favorite play list.

  29. Liked Caramel Potatos on Facebook via Kevin Linkie

  30. I followed you on Pinterest, here is the direct link to my account –

  31. I am following you on Twitter via @LinkiesContests

  32. I liked you on Facebook!!!!

  33. Vampire Weekend at the moment is my favorite on my playlist

  34. Just followed you on pinterest!

  35. I have very eclectic music tastes. You might hear Etta James singing “AT LAST”, followed by Bob Marley singing “THREE LITTLE BIRDS”, lol.

  36. I am following you on FB:
    Georgia Hatheway Beckman

  37. I follow you on Twitter as @georgiabeckman1

  38. I am following you on Pinterest:

  39. anything country

  40. I follow via Pinterest:

  41. I have a playlist called “Run run run run run run run.” Guess what type of music it has. 🙂 Its so fun and upbeat and gets me going.

  42. Anything by the Beatles.

  43. I like “Straight on for You” by Heart.

  44. Soundgarden, Porcupine Tree, the Decemberists. I like a large variety of music.

  45. I love anything Mumford and Sons!

  46. Liked on FB!

  47. Just the way you are by Bruno Mars

  48. Like you on Facebook (Doris Calvert)

  49. Follow on Pinterest

  50. follow you on twitter @dewinner

  51. I like REM Shiny Happy People

  52. Justin Timberlake is ALWAYS on my playlist!

  53. I follow on twitter liznelson21502

  54. I like Lose Yourself by Eminem

  55. I Like Caramel Potatoes on Facebook (Kelly D Saver)

  56. I Follow Caramel Potatoes on Pinterest (Kelly Saver)

  57. I Follow Caramel Potatoes on Twitter (Kellydinpa)

  58. Maroon 5 – Lucky Strike

  59. Jack Johnson has great summer music!

  60. I follow on Twitter as sgudlaug.

  61. I love death cab for cutie

  62. 1234 by feist

  63. follow on pinterest (ohmuddymomma)

  64. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (Dancin’ in the Street)

  65. Always look on the bright side of life, from “The Life of Bryan” or “On the sunny side of the street” by Sinatra.

  66. Barenaked Ladies This is where we used to live

  67. liked on facebook

  68. I have been enjoying indie artist Bastille.

  69. One of my playlist favorites is “Try” by Pink.

  70. I Like Caramel Potatoes on Facebook.

  71. I Follow Caramel Potatoes on Pinterest.

    My Pinterest Username is: lover2387

  72. I shared this giveaway on Twitter.

    Tweet Link:

  73. I love Dynamite by Taio Cruz

  74. I liked your facebook page.

  75. I also liked followed your boards on pinterest

  76. I like Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

  77. i like Call Me Maybe

  78. In this moment

  79. liked you on FB: kim delatorre

  80. Follow Caramel Potatoes on Pinterest: kim delatorre

  81. Follow Caramel Potatoes on Twitter: @shopwithmemama

  82. Currently on my playlist are some of my favourite bands: Nickleback, Three Days Grace, Theory of a Deadman, Puddle of Mudd, Bush and Matchbox Twenty/Rob Thomas.

  83. liked you on facebook (Andrea Amy)

  84. followed on pinterest (Andrea Amy)

  85. Alan Parsons Project!

  86. I like to change things up a lot, but I always have to have some Elvis Costello.

  87. I like music by A-ha and Tears for Fears!

  88. I like you on Facebook!

    FB ID: Marla Ross-Schad

  89. Following on Pinterest!

    Marla Schad

  90. I am following you on twitter!


  91. One of my favourite songs on my playlist is a song called High Voltage by Electric 6

  92. My favorite playlist is the oldies from the 70’s and 80’s rock

  93. I follow you on FB susan.broughton.31

  94. liked on facebook – heather holmberg

  95. I follow you on twitter @susanelaineb1

  96. I follow you on Pinterest susanelaineb1

  97. liked on twitter @boot_lip

  98. liked on pinterest – bootlip

  99. I shared the giveaway on FB Here is the link

  100. Steven Curtis Chapman.

  101. Following on Facebook.

  102. I’m still loving Thrift Shop, although I listen to the edited version 🙂

  103. I like you on FB (Sabrina A)

  104. Hound Dog by Big Mama Thornton

  105. Liked Caramel Potatoes on Facebook

  106. I Follow Caramel Potatoes on Pinterest

  107. I Follow Caramel Potatoes on Twitter

  108. Demi Lovato – heart attack.

  109. Like you on facebook!

  110. Follow you on pinterest.

  111. I follow you on twitter (@toocutebows)

  112. One of my favorites is Taylor Swift ~22

  113. I like Caramel POtatoes on facebook~ Tammy Dalley

  114. I follow Caramel Potatoes on Pinterest~ Tammy D

  115. I follow you on twitter ~ @mommaoftwoboyz

  116. anything by Dave Matthews Band!

  117. I follow you on twitter

  118. I follow you on pinterest groogruxking40

  119. My favorite playlist is Adele.

  120. i love my 80s playlist

  121. I like you on facebook as Amanda Sakovitz

  122. following you on pinterest mandy375 (Amanda Sakovitz)

  123. following you on twitter @aes529

  124. I haven’t found any new music since I finished college in the 90’s. My playlist includes Depeche Mode, the Cure, Smiths, and etc.

  125. I like you at FB (nqdenise)

  126. I like you at Pinterest (nqdenise)

  127. taylor swift – 22

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  128. follow you on twitter @JT2ofusanddeals

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  129. follow you on pinterest

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  130. I’m every woman by Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston

  131. I like listening to Jock Jams during my jogs.

  132. Following of FB

  133. Shared on FB

  134. Classic Rock is on my playlist~!!

  135. I must have Journey on my playlist

  136. I follow you on Twitter *DNatrlBeauty*

  137. I like you on FB

  138. Follow on Pinterest **

  139. Lady Gaga

  140. Follow on Pinterest (leeannl1981)

  141. I like classic rock. Led Zeppelin, CCR, Pink Floyd, etc. 🙂

  142. I have every last Matchbox 20 song:) My guilty pleasure. Disease is probably my favorite.

  143. I follow you on facebook

  144. Anything with Michael Buble

  145. Abba or five for fighting

  146. Thrift shop by Macklamore
    Thanks for the chance.

  147. Strangely enough, I can listen to Goodbye Horses by Q Lazarus like 3 times a day because its funny

  148. I am loving Miranda Lambert!

  149. I like you on Facebook

  150. I follow you on twitter

  151. I follow you on Pinterest

  152. Anything by Kenny G or Chris Botti

  153. I already follow you on Facebook.

  154. / Shared on Facebook. Thank You, Jerri Davis

  155. Followed on Twitter @jerridavis62 / Thank You, Jerri Davis

  156. / Liked on Facebook Thank you, Jerri Davis

  157. Followed on Pinterest Thank You, Jerri Davis

  158. How nice of a giveaway! My playlist consists of alot of 80’s music and one of my favorites is Bobby Brown – Every little step

  159. Just give me a reason (pink)

  160. Taylor swift–i’m feeling 22 🙂

  161. I liked caramelpotatoes on fb

  162. I follow caramelpotatoes on pinterest

  163. I shared this giveaway on facebook

  164. A must on my playlist is some old fashioned Bob Dylan.

  165. I followed you on pinterest as wlburro

  166. I followed you on twitter. @wendybudrow

  167. I shared/retweeted the giveaway on twitter. @wendybudrow

  168. I liked you on facebook. wen budro

  169. My fave track right now is Waiting All Night by Rudimental and Ella Eyre!

  170. I follow on Pinterest (Rebthecatsitter)

  171. I follow on Twitter @rebthecatsitter

  172. Currently one of my favorites is thrift shop

  173. Like you on fb (clair freebie)

  174. twtiter follow (clairsfreebies)

  175. I would have to have classic rock on my playlist-like Van Halen, Queen, Boston, Def Leppard…. 🙂

  176. I like Caramel Potatoes on Facebook. 🙂

  177. I follow Caramel Potatoes on Pinterest. (Beth Hargett)

  178. I follow Caramel Potatoes on Twitter. @hargygirl

  179. I like Queen

  180. Shania Twain

  181. If I had to choose one song in my playlist right now it would have to be…. Maroon 5 – Love Somebody <3

  182. seventeen by winger

  183. Rollin’ in the Deep….LOVE Adele!

  184. New Messiah by Dead Heart Bloom

    I love listening to it! 🙂

  185. I followed on twitter.

    My twitter handle: @RaptorInRapture

  186. I followed on pinterest.

    Pinterest URL:

  187. I liked on facebook.

    FB: Arinna Black

  188. Lady Gaga!

  189. I love old disco favorites from the Bee Gees!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  190. I like caramel potatoes on facebook as Susan Chester.

  191. I follow you on pinterest as ptowngirl25.

  192. Promising contest

  193. My playlist would include good ole classic rock.

  194. I like you on Facebook

  195. I am following you on twitter. @bidchka

  196. i like The Beatles songs

  197. followed on pinterest as

  198. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! I liked, shared. . It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. Starving artist here desperately needs the ipod to have fun and feel alive and inspired again. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generousity.

  199. Home by Phillip Phillips

  200. I like you on FB (Nadine ToBeFitByFifty Larsen)

  201. I follow on Pinterest – Nadine Larsen (Tobefitbyfifty)

  202. I follow on Twitter (@2BeFitBy50)

  203. Classic Rock is on my playlist

  204. Like Caramel Potatoes on facebook; Ginette Dube Anger

  205. Take A Walk – Passion Pit

  206. Following Caramel Potatoes on Pinterest;

  207. Following on pinterest kathyskontests

  208. Following on twitter @kathyskontests

  209. Super into Miranda Lambert’s “Momma’s Broken Heart” lately, it cracks me up.

  210. Following on Facebook!

    Amy Jane Heffernan
    Thanks 🙂

  211. George Jones the grand tour is on my Fav playlist.

  212. Following on Pinterest! TY!

  213. Following on twitter
    kissifer19 TY!

  214. Shared on my profile on facebook. Thank you

  215. DMB – Ants go Marching

  216. I follow you on twitter – funhippo3

  217. I follow you on pinterest – funhippo3

  218. I like anything by Michael Bolton! 🙂

  219. I followed you via Pinterest (Darz F.)! 🙂

  220. Right now, I’m loving “Bones” by Ginny Blackmore! 🙂

  221. Anything by Marianas Trench. Their lead singer has the most amazing voice I’m ever heard. Amazing range.

  222. I follow you on Facebook.

  223. I follow you on Pinterest.

  224. I shared on Facebook.

  225. I like What a wonderful world. One of my favorite songs.

  226. Any song from Queen.

  227. I liked Caramel Potatoes Facebook.

  228. I have shared a few workout playlists on my site (they are a bit short) and also I love putting my on shuffle.. easy peasy!

  229. followed on pinterest 😀


  231. Anything by the Rolling Stones

  232. Any song by Bon Jovi! 🙂

  233. I’m a fan of your’s on Facebook!

  234. One of my favorites to have on play is Toby Mac!

  235. I follow you on Twitter @WaSoThriftiness

  236. I follow you on Pinterest:

  237. I like The Band Perry

  238. I liked you on facebook (renee solomon)

  239. i followed on pinterest (rs02011988)

  240. i followed on twitter (solomon_re)

  241. I tweeted about your giveaway and your post!

  242. My favorite song for a playlist is Ben Folds Five’s song “the luckiest” OR Cobra Starships “snakes on a plane” because it is so funny!

  243. So much is my mood. Adele, Mumford and Sons.

  244. I follow you on Pinterest — Finding Charm

  245. I follow you on Twitter @sbcontestacct

  246. I follow you on FB — SB Contest

  247. my workout- Madonna and pussy cat dolls lol

  248. I am on an Imagine Dragons kick right now 🙂

  249. I follow on Facebook

  250. PIT BULL

  251. Currently Imagine Dragons 🙂

  252. I liked CaramelPotatoes on Facebook (Ellen Mauldin Anderson)

  253. I’m following Caramel Potatoes on Twitter (@A1991Ellen)

  254. Playlist faves would be anything classic rock.

  255. I like Gonna Make You Sweat for my workout playlist

  256. like on facebook Lindsie Meese

  257. follow on twitter @LindsieMeese

  258. pink floyd

  259. Like Caramel Potatoes on Facebook

  260. summer of 69.

  261. I like listening to Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and classic rock in the summmer.

  262. Follow you on Pinterest.

  263. Subscriber to Caramel Potatoes

  264. like on Facebook

  265. Lose Yourself by Eminem. I reminds me I need to live with courage

  266. Anything from Vampire Weekend goes on my playlist!

  267. Taylor Swift’s song 22 is on my playlist lately.

  268. I like Caramel Potatoes on Facebook as Samantha Czerpak.

  269. I follow Caramel Potatoes on Twitter as @SamanthaCZE.

  270. My guilty pleasure with music is hip hop!

  271. I follow you on Pinterest with name mrsrauch

  272. I like listening to Carrie underwood

  273. I followed on Twitter (@miainthewoods)

  274. Love james taylor
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  275. Cheap Trick – I Want You To Want Me

  276. My favorite playlist is PItbull.

  277. I have so many favorites! I love everything from Classical to Classic Rock. Sting, Procol Harem, Judy Collins, Tom Rush, George Harrison, John Lennon, Moody Blues, Astrid Gilberto – and so many others!

    Thank you!

  278. I LIKE/Fan Caramel Potatoes on FB
    Jesselyn Andersyn

  279. I Follow Caramel Potatoes on Twitter

  280. Follow you (and many of your boards!) on Pinterest
    Jesselyn Andersyn –

  281. Tweeted and also Favorited & Retweeted your Tweet (@Jesstinger) and also Shared on FB – here is the FB link:

  282. I like Leonard Cohen, happy and sad ones.

  283. I like Caramel Potatoes on FB –

  284. I am following @CaramelPotatoes – @sherrykinnear

  285. I shared on fB

  286. I tweeted -@sherrykinnear

  287. Passion Pit – Take A Walk is a current favorite.

  288. Anything by James Taylor, Michael Buble or the Glee kids.

  289. I like Caramel Potatoes on fb.

  290. Rush – Limelight

  291. Darius Rucker – Wagonwheel

  292. Ke$ha usually makes it on to every single playlist that I make!

  293. Pink, Bon Jovi, Styx, and Heart

  294. now following you via Facebook

  295. following on Pinterest

  296. Anything by The Sweet Remains, but especially Orange Blossoms in the Air

  297. I like you on Facebook.

  298. I follow you on Twitter as @ilovepool.

  299. I follow you on Pinterest, where my user name is ilovepool.

  300. AC/DC Back in Black

  301. I like The Band.

  302. wish you were here – pink floyd.


    i follow caramel potatoes

  304. I follow you on twitter.


    I would appreciate a follow on twitter. I end up hitting my 2,000 limit fairly quickly & then have to eliminate everyone who doesn’t follow me back every month or so.

    Following would help me out a lot and keep me following you.

    Thanks a bunch!

  305. Creed My sacrifice

  306. right now i like justin timberlake mirrors

  307. I like listening to Susan Boyle.

  308. Follow Caramel Potatoes on Pinterest

  309. Whitesnake or anything 80s

  310. I am really loving Maroon 5 and The Band Perry on my playlist this summer

  311. Bent by Matchbox 20.

    jaymee76 at gmail dot com

  312. I love Bertha by The Grateful Dead

  313. A Little Respect by Erasure

  314. I follow you on Facebook under the username likwan.

  315. I follow you on Pinterest under the username likwan.

  316. I follow you on Twitter under the username likwan.

  317. I shared this giveaway on Facebook at

  318. Anything by the Beatles.

  319. I like Casting Crowns and other inspirational Christian groups. Thank you

  320. Lady Gaga!

  321. Right now I’m on a Sondheim run!

  322. Anything by Tom Petty!!

  323. My favorite song for the summer at least is American Pie.
    – Michelle Tucker
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  324. Like Caramel Potatoes on Facebook
    Michelle Tucker (iiiyadirf)
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  325. Follow via Pinterest, Michelle tucker (
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  326. tweeted:
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  327. my favorite song is what I got by sublime

  328. I like you on facebook as Thomas Murphy

  329. following you on pinterest as rounder9834

  330. following you on twitter as @thomasmurphy40

  331. The Girl – City and Colour


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