September 21st, 2012

Monster Munch Mix and Printable Tags

It’s coming up on that spooky time of year again – you can tell because there is candy on every aisle of the grocery store.  They are hoping you stock up early and then have to come back and get more because yours has some how disappeared before Halloween . . .  {guilty}.

Monster Munch is a fun way to say Happy Halloween to all your “ghoul” friends, little “munchkins”, or any other “fiendish” fellows you’d like to share a treat with!  {Don’t forget about the “You’ve Been Booed” game that will start soon in your neighborhood. }

The fun thing is you can make the Monster Munch out of anything you want.  I’ll share what I used, but with these cute tags and snackbag toppers you can fill them with your own favorite munchies, candy, cookies, etc.  If you want to keep the sugar to a minimum you could even fill them with carrot and celery sticks.  {Hmm – the other moms would probably love you, but I’m not sure you’d win Mom-of-the-Year  from the kids…}


Monster Munch Mix

6 cups kettle corn
4 cups pretzels
3 cups cheese crackers
2 cup chocolate Teddy Grams
1 cup candy corn
1 cup Reese’s Pieces or M&Ms
1 9 oz bag gummy worms

Mix together for a fun snack mix while watching a scary movie:


Or package it up for Halloween Gift Giving:


And just for you wildly wonderful room moms, we’ve made a snack-sized ziplock topper for fast and easy party favors:



Download the Monster Munch Mix Tags Here:

Download the Monster Munch Mix Snackbag Toppers Here:


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8 Responses to “Monster Munch Mix and Printable Tags”

  1. Thanks – this will be perfect for my son’s preschool class!

  2. Love this – thanks.

  3. Can’t wait to use this. Thanks for the snack toppers – that makes it so easy for preschool!

  4. Oh I just love this. Can I ask where you got that adorable frankenstein mug? I would love to use those- Thanks!

  5. I got the Frankenstein Mug at my local Kroger grocery store this year {Kroger is King Super in Denver area – you might check their other affiliate names}. They also have a cute mummy and black cat. Hope that helps!

  6. Love It!!

  7. This is super cute! Shared on my FB page. (Found u through Today’s Creative Blog linky party)

  8. I love this and can not get the links to open, keep getting an error message. Can you email them to me.



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