July 3rd, 2012

Layered Drinks {4th of July Style}

We are so excited this week.  We are here in Texas with family to celebrate the 4th.  It’s always fun to visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house!!

We have another fun idea to go along with our Sprial Cut Hot Dogs from yesterday.  How fun are these layered drinks?!  They are so easy and can really be done with any color scheme as long as you have 3 drinks with different sugar contents.  But of course tomorrow is the 4th of July so ours are red, white and blue.

If you are looking for more red, white and blue fun be sure to check out these All-Star Cupcakes for your celebration!!

Have a FUN filled 4th of July-Be safe and stay cool!!

Layered Drinks {4th of July Style}


Sobe Pina Colada
Gatorade Fruit Punch
G2 Blueberry-Pomegranate
Any 2-3 drinks with different sugar contents


Fill cups with ice to the top.  Otherwise the ice will float causing the layers to mix.  Pour the drink with the highest sugar content, Sobe Pina Colada in this case, filling it about 1/3 full.  Pour the Gatorade Fruit Punch very slowly to fill approximately another third of the way full.  Lastly, the G2 Blueberry-Pomegranate will finish it off.  Remember to pour super slow so the layers don’t blend.

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One Response to “Layered Drinks {4th of July Style}”

  1. These drinks are just too much fun! Thanks for the timely post – can’t wait to try this!


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