April 25th, 2012

May Day Gift Tag

Do you have any May Day traditions?  Traditionally in the US you leave flowers for friends and neighbors annonymously.  When I was young we had these huge lilac bushes – beautiful flowers with a heavenly smell; especially at night with the windows open. . .

{We don’t have lilacs in Texas, but thankfully the good Lord gave us Crepe Myrtles to brighten our yards and cheer our days . . . now if they just had that same smell {big sigh}}.

Every May Day (May 1) we would create wonderful bouquets of these lilacs, usually wrapped in construction paper beautifully decorated with crayons , then we would  leave them for our neighbors.  We thought it was the funnest thing ever to ring the bell and run away before you were caught!

Naturally, I thought everyone celebrated May Day, but soon realized that many of never heard of it {gasp}.  If you do have a May Day Tradition, we’ve created a gift tag to help your spread the love.  If you don’t have a tradition – what a fun surprise for a teacher, friend, coworker, etc. to receive- can you just image how thrilled they will be?


Download the May Day Gift Tag Here {link updated 4/14)







graphics from Summertime Designs

lilac picture source 


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3 Responses to “May Day Gift Tag”

  1. My 7-year-old daughter is so excited for May Day this year! Thanks for the cute graphic, we’ll definitely use it!

  2. so pretty, many thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. We used to use empty tin cans or old jars to take our flowers in! Love it.


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