March 5th, 2012

Easter Basket Party Favor

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I am back!!!  I had some major technical difficulties last week, but I think I have everything figured out and fingers crossed it really is fixed.  These darn computers make life so easy and great but they can also be my worst nightmare.  I am really not very computer literate so when something goes wrong I am in big trouble.  But luckily, I have family members who I can call and get a little direction from.

And since I am always looking to the next holiday, I have the cutest party favor for Easter.  Can you believe that Easter is only a month away?  CRAZY!!!  Time seems to be flying by.

Who doesn’t love a simple cute way to celebrate.  These baskets are made out of plastic cups and lined with an adorable cupcake liner and filled with candy.  These are great for school parties, girl scouts, church activities, and the list goes on.  They are a wonderful Craft for your Kids.  You know I am always up to something somewhere and looking for those simple party favors.  I love these and hopefully you can find someone to share them with!

Easter Basket Party Favor

9 oz. beverage cups with rolled edge  {These are smaller cups that angle out .  There are two kinds of these.  There is a thicker harder plastic with no rim on the top and then there is the thinner plastic that have a rolled edge along the top.  We want the thinner plastic to punch holes through}

green pipe cleaners

cupcake liner {The ones pictured above are by Wilton.}

Easter candy

Simply poke two holes {sharp scissors seemed to work the best} on each side of the cup and twist a pipe cleaner into each hole.  Drop a cupcake liner into the bottom and fill with candy.  So simple and so cute!!

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